What The Players Are Saying

"It plays beautifully and has a surprisingly big sound. Best of all, I can share the back seat of a taxi with it!"

John Clayton

"The Czech-Ease is now an essential part of my bass hardware."

Jay Leonhart

"The Czech-Ease string bass solves all the problems of making real sound portable."

Michael Moore

"I watched the baggage throwers out the window before takeoff, and they got it onto the belt with far more ease than my regular bass. It was a breeze to move through the airport too...at Newark we realized we were at the wrong terminal and had to get on the monorail with all our gear. I pushed my wheeled suitcase in front of me, dragged the Czech-Ease behind me, and had NO PROBLEMS whatsoever with negotiating escalators and elevators. You guys have a mighty convenient product on your hands."

Ryan M.
Bassist, Australia

"As a player of the Czech-Ease, I have to say that it turned a lot of heads since I started using one in July 2004."

Christian Fabian
Bassist with Elvin Jones, Gary Burton, Chaka Khan

"The Czech-Ease has changed my life in a big, big way. Now I can afford to say 'yes' to road gigs that previously weren't financially viable. In the last year I've played it in clubs, in the studio, and in concert halls--fully acoustic--and the sound knocks everybody out. It's killing!"

Reuben Radding
Professional Bassist

"I just got back from Houston where they picked me up in a Toyota Corolla! It fit in the front passenger seat with the seat all the way back and down against the back seat. I sat behind the driver's seat in the back! I love the bass and the case! It has made traveling SO MUCH EASIER. THANK YOU!"

Lynn Seaton
Bassist and Educator

"When I travel, I try to never bring a bass because it has gotten crazy to travel these days with a regular size instrument. David Gage has come up with a bass I really like. I use this bass for most of my running around gigs when I am home. Whenever I can fly with a bass this is the one I use. The Czech Ease Bass works great and it is so easy to move from place to place. Once you plug it in you won't believe your ears. Plus it feels like your standard size fiddle."

Steve LaSpina

"Every North American bassist that I've seen playing in Paris has come with a Czech-Ease, so it's creating a whole new sort of camaraderie in the bass community."

Ashley Summers
Professional Bassist

"I have a Czech-Ease C1 and I couldn't be happier with it. The tone is fantastic, it sounds beautiful arco, and it allows me to travel like a somewhat-normal person. I just got back from six weeks in Europe, and on both my trip from the U.S. and my trip back home, the airlines lost my bass. How they can lose something like that is beyond me, but the important part is that the instrument is fine. It was out of my hands for ten days following my return trip, and I was worried about the condition of the instrument when I finally got it back. Much to my surprise, it was in tune and unharmed. It was treated pretty badly by the baggage handlers, but aside from a lot of scratches and stickers on the case, everything is flawless. Thank you for making such a great instrument, but also, thank you for making such a bomb-proof case to put it in. I haven't ever written to a company praising a product before, but I have to say, in this case, you get what you pay for, and I am lucky to have such a great instrument."

Brendan Carn