Czech-Ease Jr.

The Czech-Ease™ not only fits the big sound of the upright bass into a small package but now, with the Czech-Ease™ JR modification, The Czech-Ease™ can also put the same big sound into smaller hands.

When modified to be a Czech-Ease™ JR, The Czech-Ease™ has a standard 3/4 size string-length of 41", yet it can be transformed into a 5/8 size (39" string-length) or 1/2 size (37" string-length) bass, suitable for even the smallest players. The Czech-Ease™ JR makes use of a patented, easy-to-use capo system, which includes a template for bridge placement.

The Czech-Ease™ Jr. gives a smaller player the opportunity to play a bass with a fullsized sound. There is no longer a need for "fractional- sized" student instruments with a fraction of the sound. This bass is perfect for schools, teachers, and for young players of all levels.