Czech-Ease Artists : Christian Fabian

You probably recognize Christian Fabian as Lionel Hampton's vaunted bass player. Perhaps, you may have seen him play with his quartet, Fabian Zone, or at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival over the years, possibly with a dozen other respected, international jazz bands.

Increasingly Christian Fabian is being recognized for his mission validating the work of elder music greats, as President of the R.U.B ( Records Of Universal bandwidth) Corp. Every year Christian accepts a few students for master mentoring.

He was born as Christian Fabian Bausch in Malmoe, Sweden,and grew up in Aachen, Germany. This ancient capital of King Charlemagne allowed the young Christian to imagine he was a knight on a great mission. Fabian soon discovered that the electric bass and the upright bass were the instruments with which he would bring new musical meaning to the world of jazz. His quest brought Christian to America, the home of jazz, and good sounds flowed

Once admitted into the Conservatory in Maastricht/Netherlands he resumed playing the electric bass and to this day he plays both instruments. Inspired by the musicians in the Netherlands, he worked hard so that he could be admitted to the Berklee College of Music in Boston/USA. Not only was he accepted, but he received a full tuition scholarship.

In 2000 he graduated Magna Cum Laude majoring in performance and film scoring. Immediately after graduating, he moved to his final and long dreamed of destination: New York City.

"Christian Fabian is increasingly striking the right note and laying down the right beat in a jazz hall near you; drop in and see him jam a while."