The Czech-Ease:
A Maximized String Bass

The Czech-Easeā„¢ is a full sounding bass with an abbreviated body that makes it exponentially more portable than its full-bodied cousins without losing the true-bass sound.

In addition to The Standard Model used by Dave Holland, there are 3 new models available, meeting the needs of every bassist.

Hybrid H1: The Hybrid (H1) Czech-Ease bass adds a carved top to the same plywood ribs and back as the Standard CE.

Carved C1: The Carved (C1) Czech-Ease has a fully-carved top, ribs, and flat-back.

"Vintage" Ply K1: A new blend of laminated tonewoods are used to match the presence of the most vaunted vintage plywood basses.

Standard S1: :The original Czech-Ease bass has been used by bassists worldwide since 2004, including Dave Holland, Esperanza Spalding, and Chris Wood. With a plywood body and an abbreviated lower bout, it’s highly durable and easily transported by car, bus, train, or plane in the custom flight case and Mooradian cover. The original Czech-Ease consistently surprises first timers with its real volume and clear attack.

Featherweight Flight Case: :In response to tightening airline baggage restrictions, this new model of the Czech-Ease flight case can weigh less than 50lbs (23kg) with the bass inside! The lower weight is achieved with different materials than the Standard Flight Case, yet maintaining the same solid durability and protection. While it will still be over-sized, it’s beneath their weight limit, so a Czech-Ease in the Featherweight is viewed far more leniently by airlines, typically leading to lower fees at the ticket counter.